Animated Infographic: Now to 2100, What climate changes will the newest generation experience?

Created by Chelsea Greene with Adobe Illustrator and After Effects

(Rough Cut, completed version will be available by Dec. 15)

This infographic leads us through a timeline of predictions for how our planet will change forever in one lifetime.

A child born today will experience more challenges than the world has ever seen before. In 2016, half of the world’s wealth will be in the hands of only 1% of the population, causing inequalities and injustices leading to wars we will have to fight.

By 2030, 2 billion people will live in slums, and if current emission trends continue, the global average temperature will exceed 2 degrees fahrenheit of warming by 2040, leading to the collapse of many ecosystems…

2100finalThis infographic was made for the Global 2100 project, by Our Task. Our Task is a climate change nonprofit that seeks to inspire young people to think globally. The Global 2100 project aims to inform of the unliveable conditions the Earth will experience if current climate trends continue and no changes are made. The project will give young people the opportunity to explain how they would manage human affairs on Earth and to make a global appeal to older generations to work with them to make needed changes now rather than later.

A Journey into Animation:

Palm Oil Infographic

Palm Oil Infographic from Chelsea Greene on Vimeo.

Palm oil has been used in a variety of products from processed foods to shampoo, sourced from Indonesia for the past 20 years, but now the situation is dire. With 90% of the rainforest cut and/or burned and converted into palm oil plantations, orangutans have been pushed to the brink of extinction. Little forest is left for the animals or indigenous people. We can’t rely on the Round table for Responsible Palm Oil or the World Wildlife Fund for responsible oil palm sourcing information because of corruption (see Silence of the Pandas.)

It’s up to the consumer to boycott palm oil and put pressure on these billion dollar companies to stop buying the destruction of rainforests, not only important to animals but for global climate patterns.
We all must ask: is it good enough to cut down the last rainforest?
Consume with care. It’s your duty.

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