Borneo’s Vanishing Tribes

“Destroying a rainforest for economic gain 

is like burning a Renaissance painting to cook a meal.”

-E.O. Wilson

For thousands of years the Dayak tribes of Borneo have depended upon the rainforests which surround them. Today deforestation, due to logging, mining and industrial palm oil cultivation, is erasing those ancient forests.
As the forests disappear the Dayak are vanishing with them.

I am embarking on a new documentary project.

It’s been my dream since I was a child to make nature documentaries. My dream is coming true! Summer 2017, my film partner Kent Wagner and I will be going to Borneo to film the Dayak tribe, orang-utans and any other animals we can find. The island of Borneo is in crisis. It will have lost 95% of it’s forests in just three years. These forests are not only important for the dwindling population of rare and majestic animals such as clouded leopards and forest rhinos, giant squirrels and pygmy elephants, flying frogs and walking catfish, sun bears and orang-utans, but also because it is the largest re-distributor of water vapor on the planet.

 My heart feels sick, and I feel it’s my duty to help these beautiful forests.

This is a trailer for Mist and Mystery: Borneo’s Vanishing Forests. This trailer focuses on the deforestation of Borneo and its potential effects. Music by Michael Travis. See another Borneo trailer here:

I am also so thrilled to work with our impressive crew on this project. See our team page here: