"It's better to light one candle than curse the darkness."


If taking pictures of the Earth is like the Earth taking pictures of itself, I am like nature taking videos of nature. I want to live in harmony with the birds and the trees, and play in the lakes and the leaves. Every choice I consider environmental consequence, is this affecting rainforests in Indonesia? I only cry when things are illogical. Most times I'm filled with joy, but I can't sit around and enjoy myself, I feel I need to give back and work hard for mother earth. Somewhere at the intersection of art and activism.
Each snowflake forms around a particle of dust. Each forms with sixfold symmetry. But no two are alike. The wandering Albatross is the bird with the largest wingspan and needs the perfect wind to fly. They wander around for months before the right wind comes.
Everybody gets something from the mountains. A type of spirit that makes you a better person. Filling up the gaps in our lives until our souls are white hot and burning full.


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National Institute of Standards and Technology

At NIST, I am a full time video editor and motion graphics and animation artist. I creatively bring scripts to life, creating educational material in a fun and entertaining way while maintaining scientific accuracy. Here are a few of my projects: What is Time? My favorite project at NIST so far, this piece is...

Borneo’s Vanishing Tribes

vanishingtribesfilm.org “Destroying a rainforest for economic gain  is like burning a Renaissance painting to cook a meal.” -E.O. Wilson For thousands of years the Dayak tribes of Borneo have depended upon the rainforests which surround them. Today deforestation, due to logging, mining and industrial palm oil cultivation, is erasing those ancient forests. As the...

Inside-Out Healing with a Sustainable Diet Workshop

Recently I started teaching a workshop on sustainable dieting; how to heal your body and the planet by making more responsible food choices. In June 2015 I became vegan to not support destructive animal agriculture. My deep passion for nature spawned a dedication to sacrifice meat and dairy for the greater good, and since then,...

safariLIVE stories

safariLIVE is an award winning LIVE wildlife TV show. Every day a team of intrepid guides, camera operators and others broadcast 2 x 3-hour LIVE safaris One of the best parts of my internship at safariLIVE was filming and editing safariLIVE stories. SafariLIVE stories are short films about special encounters with our animal characters...

Potomac Riverkeepers and the Fight for Clean Water

Keeping the Potomac: A 30 minute film produced by SOC Students for Maryland Public Television taught by Professor Mike English. It will screen at the DC Environmental Film Festival (EFF) in March and air regionally on PBS in prime time in May as part of Chesapeake Week. Check out our website! Home Keeping the...

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Click here to see this footage on The Daily Show with Joh Stewart: http://www.tampabay.com/blogs/media/florida-mailmans-gyrocopter-stunt-makes-the-daily-show/2226583