Each snowflake forms around a particle of dust. Each forms with sixfold symmetry.
But no two are alike. 



Videographer/Editor/Motion graphics and Animation Artist with the goal of promoting positive change through filmmaking.

Chelsea is a videographer, editor, and environmental activist. She grew up in the mountains of Vermont, where she formed a close connection with nature; setting her ambitions in the direction of environmental activism and filmmaking. With two degrees in Film and Media Arts and Psychology, she began her career in South Africa producing a show for Nat Geo WILD called safariLIVE. She has collaborated on work shown on Maryland Public Television, NBC, PBS and ABC. At the National Institute for Standards and Technology, she worked full time as an animator and science videographer for 10 months, and is currently the Associate Producer for an independent film Borneo's Vanishing Tribes; funded by the Pulitzer Center for Crisis Reporting.

This is for REEL (A Montage of Chelsea Greene's Work) from Chelsea Greene on Vimeo.


  • +1802 730 4561
  • Washington, DC
  • chelseagreenefilms@gmail.com
  • vanishingtribesfilm.org

"Fun person filled with positive energy and inspirational ideas."

-Chad Riden, comedian

"Chelsea is very talented and along with helping out our content team, she also made a number of short videos herself. Her ability to tell a story, get the footage, and edit it together is very impressive. Her skills with editing are exceptional; she has the ability to combine many types of video and creatively edit a fast paced film.

I recommend taking on Chelsea as she has great potential and is very enthusiastic and ambitious."

-Emily Wallington - Head of Content at WildEarthTV (SafariLIVE)

"Chelsea is a very talented animator and motion graphics guru. She is creative and energetic person and will make your work shine. Chelsea worked on complex motion graphics projects for us and offered a very creative out-of-the box solutions for our stop motion videos."

-Leon Gerskovic, Director of Video and Digital Media Productions at National Institute of Standards and Technology

"Chelsea has a positive, enthusiastic personality and works hard, taking on difficult projects, including a conservation short film about the Potomac River, airing on Maryland Public TV. From seeing her entry to Visions 2015, I can see she’s a very talented filmmaker with advanced video production skills. The quality of her work was recognized in her Visions Film Festival 2015 award for 'Best Video and Audio Production in Broadcast Journalism.' I recommend Chelsea Greene with unqualified enthusiasm. I know she’ll do a terrific job for you."

-Chris Palmer - professor, speaker, author, and environmental/wildlife film producer

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Skills and Projects


What better way to share information on the internet than with an infographic? Here are some examples where I’ve combined typography, video, stills, and animation to create an educational video. GIST Gas Pump from Chelsea Greene on Vimeo. 3D Printed Concrete Infographic from Chelsea Greene on Vimeo. Infographic: Now to 2100, What climate changes...


I prefer DSLR’s, however I’m fast with learning new cameras. Here are some examples of imagery I’ve captured: Orangutan Boat Ride from Chelsea Greene on Vimeo. Keeping the Potomac: Politics of Water; Upper Potomac Segment from Chelsea Greene on Vimeo. Dayak Playing Sape from Chelsea Greene on Vimeo.  


Premier Pro and Final Cut Pro X are my dojo where I make footage into masterpieces. Here are some of my favorite projects: Chelsea at safariLIVE from Chelsea Greene on Vimeo. Skiing is Believing from Chelsea Greene on Vimeo. Keeping the Potomac: Politics of Water; Upper Potomac Segment from Chelsea Greene on Vimeo. Day...

Motion Graphics and Animation

  Philosophically, what is “time”? Timekeeping is a concept of marking time. This bizarre human endeavor, to measure time, has created the most accurate measuring device, the atomic clock. In the process, we created technologies that define our time. Is it good enough to cut down the last rainforest? This infographic is about how...

National Institute of Standards and Technology

At NIST, I was a full time video editor and motion graphics and animation artist. I creatively brought scripts to life, creating educational material in a fun and entertaining way while maintaining scientific accuracy. Here are a few of my projects: What is Time? My favorite project at NIST so far, this piece is...

Borneo’s Vanishing Tribes

vanishingtribesfilm.org “Destroying a rainforest for economic gain  is like burning a Renaissance painting to cook a meal.” -E.O. Wilson After two days of air travel, I arrived in Palangkaraya, Central Kalimantan. I was smack dab in the middle of Indonesian Borneo, the province with the highest rate of deforestation and the epicenter of 2015’s...

Inside-Out Healing with a Sustainable Diet Workshop

Recently I started teaching a workshop on sustainable dieting; how to heal your body and the planet by making more responsible food choices. In June 2015 I became vegan to not support destructive animal agriculture. My deep passion for nature spawned a dedication to sacrifice meat and dairy for the greater good, and since then,...

safariLIVE stories

safariLIVE is an award winning LIVE wildlife TV show. Every day a team of intrepid guides, camera operators and others broadcast 2 x 3-hour LIVE safaris One of the best parts of my internship at safariLIVE was filming and editing safariLIVE stories. SafariLIVE stories are short films about special encounters with our animal characters...

Potomac Riverkeepers and the Fight for Clean Water

Keeping the Potomac: A 30 minute film produced by SOC Students for Maryland Public Television taught by Professor Mike English. It screened at the DC Environmental Film Festival (EFF) in March, 2017, and aired regionally on PBS in prime time in May as part of Chesapeake Week. After Chesapeake Bay week, Keeping the Potomac...

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Keeping the Potomac- The Politics of Water Full Film from Chelsea Greene on Vimeo.

NISTory: Pigeon Pilots from Chelsea Greene on Vimeo.

What is Time? from Chelsea Greene on Vimeo.

Chelsea at safariLIVE from Chelsea Greene on Vimeo.

Oregon Eclipse; Ascending Together from Chelsea Greene on Vimeo.

Click here to see this footage on The Daily Show with Joh Stewart: http://www.tampabay.com/blogs/media/florida-mailmans-gyrocopter-stunt-makes-the-daily-show/2226583